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The MTRH Board, Senior Management and Strategy Formulation Committee held a 2 day retreat at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodges from 16th-17th March 2017. The Committee appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Wilson K. Aruasa presented the draft MTRH 2017-2022 Strategy to the Board and Hospital Management. The road to developing the Strategy started in December 2016 with the formal appointment of a Strategy Formulation Committee proceeded by formal launch on 6th December, 2016 involving Management, Heads of Department, Administrators and Nurse Managers as part of internal stakeholder involvement in Strategy Formulation.
The Board Chairman, Mr. Adan A. Hassan, led the Board members in reviewing and giving their policy and strategic input during the two day retreat.
The MTRH 2017-2022 Strategy will shape the growth of the Hospital both in terms of infrastructure development and health service delivery for the next five (5) years. The new Strategy will revolve around five key thematic areas; Excellent Patients’ Outcomes, Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Strategic Partnership and Alliances and Sustainability. This will ensure the Hospital achieves its core mandate as stipulated in the Legal Notice No.78 of 12th June 1998. The ultimate goal is for the Hospital to excel in healthcare service delivery, training and research. Through the Strategy, the Hospital will be able to have a competitive edge in service delivery and live to its new vision of being “The Leading Multi-Specialty Hospital for Healthcare, Training and Research in Africa”.
The Hospital CEO, on behalf of Management, made a commitment to deliver what has been lined up for implementation and emphasized that the Strategy lays a framework in which the Hospital will achieve its strategic goals and objectives. The Board Chair on the other hand indicated that the Board will provide its policy role and continued support to Management in implementing the MTRH 2017-2022 Strategy so as to meet and/or exceed expectations of all stakeholders. The Board commended the Hospital for the professionally internally developed 2017-2022 Strategy and thanked the whole team for delivering the draft within a period of 3 months.

At the end of the retreat, Management, after the input of the Board, presented the MTRH 2017-2022 Strategy to the Board for approval. The Strategy was consequently approved. It will be edited for publication and final launch by the Ministry of Health in the next two months.
The Strategy will proceed the current 2012-2017 which is at the final year of implementation. The implementation of the new Strategy will come into effect from July 2017. To ensure success of the Strategy, monitoring and evaluation including mid-term review is inbuilt as a critical tool of implementation.

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