Anal Hooks

The best and most popular anal hooks are made with a ball or plug attached to the end that is inserted into the ass. Most of the time, these can be detached and swapped out so you can have multiple attachments for the same anal hook. It makes for efficient and affordable play and it makes them easier to clean. There are also anal hooks that don’t have an end on them but many victims—er, bottoms—find that the sensation isn’t as enjoyable. That being said, let’s look at all of the deliciously sadistic ways in which we can use these implements of anal torture.

Ass Hook Uses Suspension

A great way to show off your suspension prowess is to build a rope corset around your bottom and then tie a few sections of rope to the eye of the anal hook. Run the ropes over a pulley that is attached to the ceiling and hoist them up. With their hands tied behind them and their legs bound and bent at the knees, they can be easily pushed and swung around the room. Not very sadistic, we know (unless they are afraid of heights, of course) but it still looks really cool.

On Their Toes

Another great way to make a bottom painfully uncomfortable and improve their balance is to tie a rope to the eye of the anal hook and then attach it to an apparatus above them. Pull the tension out of the rope until they are standing on the tips of her toes. We’ve found that a bondage rig works really well for this particular play. Once you have them balanced and begging, let the impact play begin!

Sadistic Memory Training

Wanna play a game? Suspend the bottom by their ankles and ask them questions that they should know the answer to. Every time they get an answer wrong, hang a small weight from the eye of the anal hook. If they have studied hard enough, then the questions shouldn’t be too hard for them. If they haven’t, well, it’s a safe bet that they will the next time.

Posture Training

A great way to teach a submissive proper posture is to tie a rope from the eye of the ass hook to the back of a collar. This allows you to adjust the rope until they are kneeling or walking in a manner that is pleasing to you. anal hooks have been used this way for a very long time and it is almost as popular as suspension play.

Have Them Go Fuck Themselves!

If you have a table and are looking for a great show, try laying the bottom down on their stomach atop it or any other comfortable, flat surface. Make a ball gag out of rope or tie the loose ends to a bite bit and tie the other end around the eye of the anal hook. Then attach another rope to their ankles, tying the loose ends of that rope to the eye as well. As you tighten the rope, their body will be forced into a curved position. Now, all they have to do is rock back and forth and they can fuck themselves into oblivion in one the most creative displays of rope bondage you may ever get to see.

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